What is this place?

The Ochre House is a small but effective 50 seat Alternative Theatre with a team of artists and designers who get the job done.

We pride ourselves in producing high quality theatre productions using minimal resources to their maximum potential.

The theater has a dedicated core of actors, directors, musicians, dancers, puppeteers, designers, writers and staff  who are committed to creating ensemble-based theater that is rare and beautiful.

When will the fun stop?! Check out our reviews and press online and on our website. The Dallas Observer, The Dallas Morning News, TheaterJones, and many others are advocates of our work at the Ochre House. And, certainly, let’s not forget the ones who make it all possible– Our patrons and contributors to the Ochre House.

Read the Q&A and listen to some audio over at TheaterJones here.

Who’s behind it?

Matthew Posey
Artistic Director/ Founder
Balanced Almond, Inc.

(parent company of The Ochre House)

Chief, bottle washer, cook. Mr. Posey has written, directed and produced numerous critically acclaimed original theatre producitons in the last 25 years in theaters that he has built from the ground up. The Deep Ellum Theatre Garage was his first space and now the Ochre House.

Check out Matthew’s credits on IMDb

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Poster Art by Trent Stephenson
Show Photography by Ginger Berry
Crafted by MFT