Coming Soon! Ochre House Theater in Dallas & The 2016 Dallas Flamenco Festival Present:

‘BUÑUEL DESCENDING’ by Matthew Posey

Written and directed by Matthew Posey, with choreography by Antonio Arrebola & Delilah Muse

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BUÑUEL DESCENDING, by Matthew Posey is intended for patrons 12+. Due to the respect and nature of live performance, we are not able to offer late seating. Please arrive on time to ensure a seat. House opens at 7:45pm, for evening performances & 2:00pm for afternoon performances. Reserved seats are subject to be released at showtime. Thank you for your patronage and your understanding.

Show Schedule

Wednesday 6/22/16 – 7/2/16 – Wed – Sat at 8:15 P.M.

Saturday 5/25/16 & 6/2/16 at 2:30

About The Show

Ochre House Theater & The 2016 Dallas Flamenco Festival

are pleased to present the revival of an Ochre House Theater original, BUÑUEL DESCENDING. Written and directed by Matthew Posey, BUÑUEL DESCENDING is the story of the inspired passion of some of the finest free thinkers of the twentieth century, filled with fervent Flamenco dance, puppetry, acting, music, and song. Running June 22 – July 2, 2016

For the last eight seasons, OCHRE HOUSE THEATER has been proud to be collaborators with THE DALLAS FLAMENCO FESTIVAL, providing exciting Flamenco Plays such as PERRO Y SANGRE, which went on to perform at Teatro LATEA in New York City, and EL CONDE DRÁCULA, which had a successful run in 2013 at Ochre House Theater. These Flamenco Plays have been special nights of incredible Flamenco and theatricality from world-class artists and actors. This year, we are thrilled to announce our collaborative work with 2016 DALLAS FLAMENCO FESTIVAL, premiering June 22 – July 2: a revival of the hit, BUÑUEL DESCENDING, written and directed by Matthew Posey with choreography by Delilah and Antonio Arrebola and introducing new guest artist Alfonso Cid.

Luis Buñuel was one of the first pioneering filmmakers of the 20th century. His first film (circa 1929), ANDALOU CHIEN (Andalusian Dog), was a collaborative piece with his good friend Salvador Dali, and has been recognized as the first Surrealist film. His career began in Paris in the 1920s where he started a film revolution, being one of the first filmmakers to realize cinema as an art form.

BUÑUEL DESCENDING is the story of Luis Buñuel (ANTONIO ARREBOLA), his wife Jeanne Buñuel (DELILAH ARREBOLA) Salvador Dali (CHRISTOPHER SYKES)and poet Federico Garcia Lorca (IVAN JASSO) forming their own artistic fraternity called The Order of Toledo. In BUÑUEL DESCENDING, Luis Buñuel (founder of the Order) descends into debauchery where he unleashes his talent as a storyteller through the art of cinema. In a small tavern, in Paris, Buñuel weaves the ancient story of Orpheus with the new eyes of the early 20th century, sparking the Surrealist movement. BUÑUEL DESCENDING is a story of the inspired passion of some of the finest free thinkers of the 20th century, filled with fervent dance, puppetry, acting, music, and song. Tickets available now. Running June 22 – July 2, 2016.

Antonio Arrebola as Luis Buñuel
Delilah Muse as Jean Buñuel
Ivan Jasso as Federico Garcia Lorca
Christopher Sykes as Salvador Dali

Alfonso Cid – Cantaor
Calvin Hazen – Guitarrista
Bobby Fajardo – Cajon/Percussion

Graphic Design: Jeremy Word

Business Staff:
Matthew Posey, Artistic Director
Carla Parker, Operations Manager
Mitchell Parrack, Facilities Manager
Kevin Grammer, Associate Producer
Justin Locklear, Artist In Residence

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